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Welcome to the Smoor blog.  Who is Smoor you ask? Apart from being ‘Rooms’ backwards, Smoor has been established by a team of landlords, property letters, creatives, designers and technologists who have seen issues within the property market, especially in the UK, who are now trying to crack the broken system of letting agents and the fees associated with it. We provide a completely free platform that allows landlords to market their property, find tenants and even electronically sign and store contracts.

We have found landlords aren’t happy with the cost of marketing their property and or have real trouble finding quality tenants that treat their property with respect and won’t wreck it when they move out. This is a concern for many buy to let landlords.

Smoor puts the entire lettings process into the palm of the landlord and tenant’s hands. So you never have to worry about marketing costs or administration fees ever again. Tenants don’t need to worry about letting fees.  It’s Free, forever, for all.

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